Click here to spot the differences between an Authentic and Fake 

Different Energy Pendants may look similar but not created the same as the original Quantum Pendant from FusionExcel. Fusionexcel pendants are proven to be effective for health enhancement.  Please note there are now fake/imitation Quantum Pendants, that looks identical and are sold for less on online auction and shopping websites. They also claim to be the manufacturer/wholesaler of Fusionexcel. The fakes have negligible or no energy. They could be harmful to you due to hazardous radiation level. Ensure you buy from a reliable authorized Fusionexcel distributor.  

If it is cheaper, please beware!!! Always ask yourself:

  • why is it cheaper? You get what you pay for.
  • is it real or fake? Fake/imitations emit high radiation level which is harmful to your body.
  • is there an Authenticity Card? Our Authenticity Card has a high quality printing.
  • does it have a serial number? We have seen fakes/imitations with serial numbers.
  • can you buy 3+2 or 4+4? Fusionexcel offer these packages only, and not any other combination 3+1 or 5+2 
  • is there a return policy? Fusionexcel offer 14 days return policy, not 30 days.
  • can you replace if the pendant is broken? Fusionexcel offer unlimited replacements for a small fee.
  • can I do the business? Fusionexcel automatically offer IDs to you to earn bonuses.

Bottom line - the last 4 questions should identify between real and fakes. 

Beware too that some online auction and shopping websites may use the authentic Fusionexcel Quantum Pendant picture and claim to be 100% genuine but will ship you a fake or imitation.


              This is an imitation on ebay    


        Fusionexcel International distributors do not market through

      Amazon or ebay.

        Note the words "Quantum Energy" on this box.

        Authentic Fusionexcel is called "Quantum Pendant"

        Authentic Fusionexcel do not have a square window on the box  

        Authentic Fusionexcel do not use fancy chords like this.

        Authentic Fusionexcel do not use this Authenticity Card design

       Click here to spot the differences between an Authentic and Fake



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